Identification Requirements For Voting

All voters must provide identification to be eligible to vote. The purpose of the voter identification is to provide proof of identity and to establish residency. Government-issued photo identification is your best option but there are other alternatives available to you.

Option I:

  • One original piece of identification that includes your photo, name and address.
  • The identification must be issued by a federal, provincial, or municipal government, such as a Saskatchewan Driver’s License.

If your identification does not meet these criteria it will not be recognized as an acceptable form of photo identification.

If you do not have a driver’s license, you may obtain photo identification from Saskatchewan Government Insurance at little or no cost.

Option II:

  • Two original pieces of information, both of which must contain your name and at least one that contains your address. Examples of acceptable identification options include a utility bill issued to you within the last six months, and a credit card statement.

Option III:

If you do not possess any form of acceptable identification you may have another voter vouch, or provide assurance of your identity and address, for you. In this case, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must be accompanied by another voter who has acceptable identification
  • The voter who is vouching for you must be entitled to vote in Saskatoon
  • A form to vouch for another voter must be completed. These forms are available at the polling station.
  • Download the Voter ID list below for more information about vouching

Click here to download a complete list of acceptable voter ID.

IMPORTANT: Students and Military Personnel

This is the first election in which students (include Military personnel in the word student) are being deemed resident, as soon as they arrive in Saskatoon. This is new in The Local Government Election Act , 2015. Therefore Voter Registration Forms do not to acknowledge this reality.

On the Voter Registration Form Students may not be able to affirm that they are resident in SK for 6 months (think of a student from Winnipeg) or in Saskatoon for 3 months (think a student from Regina), but they are deemed resident.

What the Returning Officer has proposed election officials at the poll do is, if a student wishes to vote they must:
· Affirm they are a Canadian Citizen,
· They are 18 years of age and
· They have not voted in this election.
They MUST prove residency in Saskatoon: their ID must show where they reside as a student in Saskatoon and that will be placed in the Address section of the Form. So their Identification requirements are the same as any voter to give evidence of residence and proof of identity. (Please see voter identification requirements on the website if you need to remind yourself of these rules and options for ID.

The election official will stroke out the section on the Form where they must attest to living in Saskatchewan and Saskatoon, and the word Student will be written. They are able to vote for the Public or Separate School, same process.

***The City of Saskatoon has the most up to date information on the Saskatoon Municipal Election.***