Supporting Public Green Spaces

Meewasin ValleyAccess to green spaces contributes to the high quality of life for residents and enhances community. Saskatoon and Ward 8 have many public parks, green spaces and natural areas. These spaces promote healthy and vibrant neighbourhoods. One way to create new spaces is to look toward things like community gardens. One way to protect existing natural areas is to conserve the Meewasin Valley.

With the announcement of the closure of the Meewasin Valley Interpretive Centre on July 1, 2016, the reality of Meewasin’s long-term erosion of statutory funding has become obvious.

I am sure many of you have been impacted by the important work that Meewasin does. The Meewasin Valley encompasses 25 square miles of conserved riverbank lands, which includes public access to the valley, conservation sites, interpretive centres and over 80 kilometers of Meewasin Trail.

Throughout my life, the importance of Meewasin has been highlighted time and time again. From a young age, learning about ecology at Beaver Creek Conservation Area and the history of Saskatoon at the Meewasin Valley Centre, to experiencing nature in the city at the Meewasin Northeast Swale, to my current position of mapping the valley--the benefit and significance of Meewasin is irreplaceable.

In my opinion, the establishment of the Meewasin Valley Authority has been an amazing and innovative partnership that makes me a proud resident of our city and province. Through the partnership of the City of Saskatoon, Province of Saskatchewan and the University of Saskatchewan, Meewasin has been providing Education, Conservation and Development to the Meewasin Valley for 37 years.

This is a crucial time for Meewasin. Let's work together to continue protecting the Meewasin Valley by ensuring it has stable and predictable funding. 

As your City Councillor, I will work to protect and enhance existing green spaces, such as the Meewasin Valley, or create new spaces, such as community gardens, for current and future generations.

Here is a promotional video put together for, and launched by Meewasin, titled: “Naturally Beautiful, Uniquely Ours”.